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ultrasound/ electro- therapY

Ultra sound is literally high frequency sound waves these are sent via a coupling gel on the skin. There are even some modern therapies for treating blood pressure if use at specific sites

The sound wave penetrates the soft tissue and reduces swelling and inflammation in the tissue thus increasing the body’s own healing rate.

Interferntial electrotherapy is a electrotherapy of different frequencies.

Four electrodes are used attached by vacuem (no bands to attach )to set up a large area of electric field encompassing the symptoms

This frequency can vary in effect accordingly frequencies of 100 (and multiples thereof ) cycles per second reduce pain and swelling in the body ,nerve, joints or muscles.

Lower frequencies cause the muscle to rhythmically contract and relax and this can reduce swelling in the muscles by causing lymph drainage to increase. It can be used to increase muscle tone when nerve interference has a effect on muscle activity

There are many uses for this versatile therapy, telephone and ask for your specific complaint and its response to the therapy